Home Blogs The best way to help your real estate agent help you find an apartment in NYC

The best way to help your real estate agent help you find an apartment in NYC

The best way to help your real estate agent help you find an apartment in NYC
The best way to help your real estate agent help you find an apartment in NYC

5 Easy things to find an apartment in NYC

1.) Do be transparent about your budget! 

Everyone wants to find an affordable NYC apartment with the features and size they desire. A qualified agent will show you the best locations that are within your price range. You run the danger of not being shown the nicest flats if you wouldn’t be willing to spend extra. It’s untrue that a real estate agent would only present you with properties that fall within the upper echelon of your price range. You’ll recognise a deal if it matches your needs! You might not notice the slightly larger apartments, or the apartments with more facilities, lighter, or more recent renovations, which are within your actual budget yet cost more than your stated budget. Using the phrase “I want to keep my rent under X if at all feasible, but I could stretch to Y if I can have at least three of the five things on my preferences list” is a fantastic way to discuss your financial situation.”

find an apartment in NYC

2.) Do make a distinction between your deal-breakers or must-haves and your negotiables/preferences!

To show you apartments at armas group that are suitable for your needs. You won’t see the fourth-story walk-up with the washer-dryer in unit, contemporary upgrades, and king-sized bedrooms if you specify “No walk-ups above the third floor.” You will be given the option if you state, “I want to avoid walk-ups above the third level, but I would consider it for a washer-dryer in unit and enormous rooms,”!

find an apartment in NYC

3.) Make sure you are transparent about your income and credit score!

However, keep in mind that landlords have different requirements for income, minimum credit scores, residency requirements for guarantors, and whether or not they accept third-party guarantors and under what circumstances. Your real estate agent has this knowledge and can help you narrow down your search to apartments where you have a chance of being accepted.

find an apartment in NYC

4.) Do think about location!

Where would you choose to live in the city? Is there a particular area in mind, such as Inwood, Washington Heights, Hamilton Heights, or Harlem? Is the fact that it’s close to a particular spot more crucial than anything else? Do you require proximity to a specific subway line? Perhaps you don’t care too much about the location as long as it’s near entertainment and shopping. Maybe being near a dog park or on a side street is more your style. The one aspect of your apartment that you can never change (without moving) is its location. Rents can increase, appliances can be upgraded, you can think of innovative ways to decorate it or use it more efficiently!

5.) Do tell us about your pets, if you have them!

According to each landlord, “pets allowed” can signify different things. Some of them have extremely tight rules for weight or breed exclusions for dogs, and they demand to see the medical papers. Pet fees or additional deposits may apply in some cases, but not in others. Some employers will merely request a photo of your pet in your application and give it a cursory glance. You can find an apartment that will accommodate your pet because your real estate agent is aware of the landlord’s policies. Additionally, there are places that welcome your dog, cat, guinea pig, or any other creature (unless, of course, having one is prohibited by local, regional, state, or federal law); just let us know if you have any specific requests.!


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